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Alexa's journal

Goodbye to summer...

Goodbye to summer...

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Okay, I'm finally "out of hiding." When I got home two weeks ago, I really didn't talk to anyone. I stayed in my house and did nothing. It was AMAZING. I haven't wanted to go out and do anything. I had such a busy (and incredibly fufilling) summer!

The main chunk of my summer (5 weeks, to be exact) was spent at Camp Whitesand. It was absolutely amazing, and every day I wake up, and I'm disappointed that I'm here. I want to be there so bad...it's indescribable and a little crazy. I think only a few understand what it's like to love that place so much. I actually hurt a little bit when I think about it. But anyhow, time to recount my experiences briefly.

I got to counsel with my best friend during Junior camp - so so fun!! We had a great cabin of 7 girls. Some described our kids as "difficult," which I didn't accept until the last two days. Yes, they were hard to handle at times, but I loved them and all I can do is hope that they loved me back and had a positive experience at camp.
The next week was spent doing kitchen duty, and after that it was counselling for Youth Camp with Brittany! Also super fun!! Youth camp was interesting, because there were only 28 camps, which meant that staff outnumbered campers pretty much 2-1. Our cabin had 5 girls in it, and I can honestly say that it was the best counselling experience I've ever had. (Even though I think I made Tasha hate me for about an hour on the last day...I think she liked me again by the end!)
Then Adventure camp, I was non-counselling...with Elsa! Yay!! Oh man, we had too much fun that week. A lot of us were non-counselling, and there were just some GOOD TIMES!!

Too many good times...however, many memories involve a certain boys' director. Yes, I met a guy at camp. (An ex of a friend of mine, actually.) And yes, we fell for each other hard. His name is Eric James, and I really, really care for him. Yes, I still have a boyfriend, but hopefully when you read this, you'll be mature enough not to judge me and realize that things like this do happen. I already have enough people who I considered close friends turn around and judge me for what happened, and it really hurt. I think it's pretty natural for people to be attracted to more than one guy at once. Besides, it's not like things with Josh were perfect...

Oh well. Things are still too confusing, and until I figure them out, I'll just be remembering...
The water fight, staring at shooting stars, the 15 minute hug, the accidental kiss on the toque, the not-so-accidental kiss on the forehead, wearing a certain gray Texas shirt, being between a rock and a hard place (*dammit, that's profound!!* Lol), folding laundry, "picking" honor cabin, too many stolen glances and making eye contact, games of MASH, trying to get my sliver out with a toothpick "for lil old me", running around with two blonde children, "cuddling" during Victory Lane, that...wave...(*someone just waved at me!*...*you don't know who?!*), the pink penguin, "fainting", the M&M incident, giant hailstones in my shirt, and that moment when all we could say is..."this looks questionable"..."yeah, it does"......"but I'm not going to stop."

And as for the other memories...
The sexcellent food, vegetarian rugby in the rain, Top 10 singalongs, ICELAND!, our Emo board, rodeos, the garter snake incident, Heather being "in heat" and trying to "mount" us, Blistering Speed, Nick spooning the butterscotch pudding, "High adventure" and "outdoor ropes", "Daddy, is that you?", Ricardo's friends, herpetology, ATTENTION!!, pearly shells, Heather's boots, music classes, Days of Elijah, cupstacking, Broadway singalongs in Endevour Chapel, The Jerusalem Encounter, and that one Wednesday morning...that changed things forever.

*sigh*...not wanting to be here...but making the best of it.
So school starts for me on Wednesday (as I do not have classes on Tuesday, Thursday) and I'm not ready. But at the same time, I'm longing for a schedule, something to do so that I won't sit around, waiting for next June, wishing that time would fly by. I need to do something. I've been itching to make a to-do list, but I have nothing to put on it. I've cleaned every inch of space that I can claim territory to. I need to be occupied with busy-work that I enjoy. Who knows...all I hope is that this new year will bring with it guidance from God, encouragement from others, a wonderful blessing for many people that I care about, and finally, a solution...
  • hey alexa! glad you had an amazing summer. Are you going to u of dubs next year? Also, if your still looking for a job, my starbucks is hiring, let me know if your interested, and Ill refer you. I work tomorrow and wednesday afternoon if you stop by.
    • Yep, I'm going to u of dubs. And I am still looking for a job...I applied at the Starbucks in St. Vital chapters last week, and am still waiting for a call, so we'll see what happens with that first. The one that you work at is close to U of W, right? On River or something?
      • yea, starbucks at osborne and river. come by, if you do make sure you write on the application uner referal or somethign that i refered u!
  • ahhhhh! your back baby! for some reason i thought you got back like this week! all this post has done is make me want to know everything! thanks alot!
  • i know what you mean when you describe camp. exactly.

    there is something wrong with the way we live.

    vegetarian rugb in the rain?
    • Yes, Vegetarian rugby meaning...I don't know for sure, because I've never played real rugby myself, but it's like "touch rugby," not "tackle rugby."

      And in the rain. As in the pouring, pouring rain of a thunderstorm, complete with huge hailstones, all which created puddles about a foot high. On the prairies. It was amazing...
  • (Anonymous)
    thanks amigo! great post!
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