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Alexa's journal

Since I had one day of glory to just be at home doing nothing…

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Since I had one day of glory to just be at home doing nothing (actually, more like one day to sleep, get caught up on things, go shopping, ect.), I though I'd say a quick hi to all the livejournalers, though they seem to be smaller in number now more than ever. Maybe because after we graduated, we all got a life. Fancy that. Hahaha...
Mexico was FABULOUS. Very relaxing, doing nothing in very humid, 93 degree weather. Got to swim in the ocean and buy pretty jewlery that WON'T change color if I wear it too much - I know, pretty amazing. I got VERY dark, and I only burned kind of badly on my left shoulder, though I think I was a little red every where for the first two days. Subsequently, now the burn is gone but my shoulder is peeling. It kind of ruins the look of my dark, sexy tanned skin. Oh well. All in all, the trip was fabulous.
Now tomorrow starts a new adventure - camp. I love camp and can't wait to go, EXCEPT...I just wish that I had a week between trips. Mexico was great, and relaxing, but then you get home and you just feel so sluggish. It would have been nice to have a week to unpack, do laundry, repack, shop for last minute items, hang out with Joshie, and stock up on sleep, which I will be majorly lacking for the next five weeks. But instead, all that had to happen in a twelve hour period. And guess what - it's 1:27 am...I plan to leave at 7 so I can be there by noon...and I'm not done packing at all! It's great. Luckily, Josh agreed to drive me out there, which should be lots of fun, if everything goes according to plan. I feel kinda bad...techinically I was supposed to start work at 6:00 Sunday night...instead I'll be showing up at noon the next day. Hope Gwen remembers/understands...oh well.
Oh, and by the way, y'all...I'M LEGAL!!! My birthday sucked - it was spent in airports and in plans. My iPod went dead prematurly and I didn't feel like eating all day. So I didn't. That's right, I starved on my birthday. Then my sister threw up, and everyone forgot about me. Happy eighteenth.
Oh well. Hope you all have an enjoyable summer. I shall be back in the city in SEVEN weeks. Stay safe and outta trouble. See you guys later.
  • everyone's busy, and left lj to fend for itself.

    happy 18th!!!! leave your mailing address?
  • Happy Birthday!
  • happy bday! when you get back we can go out and celebrate your belated bday! I shall be legal by then too, so we can do anything! haha
  • happy birthday my pet...don't worrry that wasn't your real 18th birthday...your real 18th birthday is October 15th, and that way we can go out and i can buy you a drink for real! i'm really glad mexico was amazing, you needed the cool down after that meanspirited course! miss you, hope you have a great rest of summer! (you better, your missing the fringe:):P)
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