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Thank the heavens...that's finally over.

Thank the heavens...that's finally over.

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Friday night at approx. 9:30, I can officially declare "C4C" over until next October.
Not that I didn't love every minute of it, and not that it didn't go well...it's just that I couldn't deal with the pressure of trying to coordinate two dramas a week, having to be at the church 4 nights a week, and feeling guilty about letting my Chem homework sit untouched for "one more weekend..." Plus I was starting to feel bad for making Pastor Dave and his poor family come to the church 3 hours earlier than normal every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, just because I was too uber-excited about the crusade.

But it's almost over, and I can heave a sigh of relief.
Now...to survive...
- next Wednesday's chem test
- two term papers, due end of November
- two more grueling weeks of all day Tuesday/Thursday work
- the snow
- those blasted elder's meetings and accompanying e-mails (in general, like being a church elder. Do NOT like issues that have recently developed :P )

BUT...I can look forward to...
- Sleeping in two days a week
- More time for things I love to do (ie: Connections planning) now that work is almost done
- Looking for that email I'm expecting (he broke up with her...isn't he going to tell me about it? Hmmmm???)
- Organization is finally going to reign
- December arrivals: Elissa, Brittany, Emily, and Reggie all come home
(I know, I shouldn't be this excited about an illegitimate child born of parents that are too young to handle this. But can I help it that I'm looking forward to having this little girl around?) Counting down the days until December 18...

Life is...not great. But good. I'd have to say...it's pretty good.
Tonight was great. Driving home was not the best at times (saw the cars in the ditch and got a tad freaked out, esp. when my back wheels went wonky) But I got there safe and sound, changed into pajamas, ate soup and tea for lunch and supper, and did a whole whack of homework.
If I keep this up and stay this productive, I just might get those A's I'm dreaming of...
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